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Candle Holder Desert Angel Peacock Plume Wall Sconce Candle Holder Peacock Plume Blue
Peacock Plume Wall Sconce
List Price: 42.99
Our Price: 32.95
Sale Price: 32.95
Savings: 10.04
Candle Holder Peacock Plume Blue
List Price: 42.99
Our Price: 32.95
Sale Price: 32.95
Savings: 10.04
A slender seraph shields the light of faith with her bowed wings as she folds her hands in prayer.

Stone-look decoration graces your home with a heartwarming dose of hope and faith!

Weight 1.2 pounds.
Measures: 5.38" x 3.88" x 5.75".
Materials: Polyresin, Glass.
Candle Not Included
Candle Wall Sconce Peacock Plume Candle Lamp Blue
Contemporary Bronze Candle Lantern Passat Ship Model Lucky Elephants Tusk Sculpture
Passat Ship Model
Our Price: 34.95
Contemporary Bronze Candle Lantern-Large Let your imagination set sail as this handsome tall ship proudly crests your mantle or table! Exquisitely detailed model is stunningly authentic, from its billowing sails to its gleaming brass rails.

Weight 0.4 lb.
Materials: Wood and cotton.
Measures: 13" x 2 3/4" x 12" high.
Lucky Elephant Tusk Sculpture
Romantic Giraffe Figurines Live, Love , Laugh Wall Decor Set Sunfire Glass Vase
Live, Love , Laugh Wall Decor Set
List Price: 51.95
Our Price: 42.99
Sale Price: 42.99
Savings: 8.96
Sunfire Glass Vase
Our Price: 43.95
A pair of giraffes shyly shares a smooch, with graceful necks intertwined. A whimsical interpretation of love in the wild, with the beautiful look of hand-carved wood!

Weight 1.3 lbs.
Material: Polyresin.
Measures Overall: 6 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 9 1/2" high; each is approx. 4 5/8" x 2 1/8" x 9 1/2" high. Pair
Candle Holder Wall Decor Plaque Set-Live, Love & Laugh Brilliant reds and golds glow in any light, bringing a burst of color to any room. Add your favorite blooms to this striking glass vase for a breathtakingly beautiful focus piece!

Decorative purposes only.
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Material: Glass.
Measures: 5 1/2" x 3" x 9" high.
Flowers not included
Patriotic Eagle Sculpture Statue Desk Top Water Fountain Palm Tree Design Lamp
Desk Top Water Fountain
Our Price: 44.95
Palm Tree Design Lamp
Our Price: 59.95
This glorious statue depicts the magnificent wings of the valiant Bald Eagle spread gloriously over the unfurled stars-and-stripes.

Weight 3 pounds.
Measures: 7" x 4.25" x 9.38".
Material: Polyresin.
Four granite-finished tiers cycle sparkling water from bowl to bowl, creating an enthralling meditation piece. For indoor use only.

Submersible 120V water pump included.

Weight 6 pounds.
Measures:9.5" x 9.5" x 10".
Material: Polyresin
Palm Tree Design Table Lamp
Triple Shelf Hourglass Plant Stand Snow Leopard Fuzzy Pouf Plant Stand Ivy Staircase Six Shelves
Triple Shelf Hourglass Plant Stand
List Price: 69.95
Our Price: 59.95
Sale Price: 59.95
Savings: 10.00
Snow Leopard Fuzzy Pouf
Our Price: 64.95
Triple Shelf Hour Glass Plant Stand Let your wild side show! This fuzzy and comfortable ottoman is covered in snow leopard print, which can really liven up your living room or den. Sit back and put your feet up on this comfy accessory that also makes a great extra seat when company comes calling.

Weight 1.6 pounds.
Measures: 18" x 18" x 13".
Material: Polyester.
Airy strands of ivy grace this staircase style plant stand.

Six shelves place plants at graduating heights, creating a dramatic display of greenery!

Weight 10 pounds.
Measures: 22.2" x 22.5" x 38.5". Iron.
Plants and Flower pots not included
Storage Cabinet "Nantucket" Planter Trio " Sand and Jade Green" Flower Pot Trio-Jewel Toned
Big on storage yet surprisingly sleek, this shelf and cabinet combination tucks anywhere for instant organization. A winning style addition for any room in your home!

Measures: 13½" x 12" x 27½" high.
Material: MDF wood.
Contents not included.
Some Assembly Required
Planter Trio - Sand and Jade Green Flower Pot Trio - Jeweled Tone
Side Table Cape Town Design White Willow Accent Side Table White Accent/Telephone Table
Side Table Cape Town Design
List Price: 99.95
Our Price: 74.99
Sale Price: 74.99
Savings: 24.96
White Willow Accent Side Table
List Price: 99.95
Our Price: 89.95
Sale Price: 89.95
Savings: 10.00
Side Table Cape Town Design Accent Side Table
White Accent / Telephone Table
Royal Paris Stool Pretty in Paris Foot Stool Industrial Round Wall Clock
Royal Paris Stool
Our Price: 99.95
Rest like royalty upon this gorgeous stool! The metal base features regal flourishes and the canvas-covered cushion fits a kingdom’s worth of style in a small space.

Item weight: 7.8 lbs.
Measures: 16½" diameter x 20½" high.
Materials: Iron, canvas and sponge.
Add a dash of European style to your room with this functional and fashionable foot stool. The metal base features pretty flourishes, and the canvas-covered cushion is printed with Parisian style.

Measures:21” x 21” x 20” high.
Weight: 7.8
Materials: Iron, canvas and sponge.
Industrial Round Wall Clock
Black Accent Table Galaxy Art Glass Vase Round Thatched Accent Lamp
Black Accent Table
Our Price: 109.95
Galaxy Art Glass Vase
Our Price: 109.95
This simple yet elegant two drawer table is finished with a black stain that allows the beauty of the wood grain to show through.
Weight 9.5 pounds.
Measures: 15.8" x 11.6" x 27.2".
Materials: MDF Wood, Cedar Wood.
Mesmerizing swirls of color and a shapely freeform silhouette come together to create a truly stunning piece of art! Place this gorgeous art glass vase where it’s sure to be admired by all.

Decorative purposes only.
Weight 14 lbs.
Material: Glass.
Measures: 8" x 4 3/4" x 15 1/2" high
Round Thatched Design Accent Lamp 18.5"
Custom Crafted Short Indented Diamond Lamp Guarding Dragon Accent Table Modern Lamp Trio
Modern Lamp Trio
Our Price: 129.95
Custom Crafted Short Indented Diamond Lamp Stunning stone-look statue table features a hissing dragon standing guard over his lord’s treasure trove. Styled to resemble centuries-old castle gargoyles, this is a worthy decoration for the chamber of any king!

Weight 16.5 lbs.
Materials: Polyresin base with tempered glass top.
Measures:19" diameter x 23 1/4" high.
Some Assembly Required
Modern Lamp Trio